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Trusted Brand Partner and Service Excellence Champion

Welcome to Rondesse, where innovation meets protection in the ever-evolving digital world. As a technology-driven company, we understand the importance of ensuring the security and legality of your digital endeavors. Our team comprises not only tech enthusiasts but also legal and cybersecurity experts who are dedicated to safeguarding your digital life. We serve as your steadfast ally, providing comprehensive services that not only embrace innovation but also adhere to the highest standards of legal and cybersecurity practices.

Our Story

Rondesse, since its inception in 2003 as Tech Warehouse and subsequent establishment in 2014, has emerged as a paragon of e-commerce excellence. As a distinguished seller on Amazon, specializing in laptops and gadgets from top brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Netgear, we’ve garnered a reputation for delivering a premium customer experience. Having achieved a remarkable milestone of over $10 million in revenue in the past two years, our journey transcends conventional commerce.

Acknowledging the escalating complexities and threats in the digital landscape, Rondesse has undergone a transformative evolution. We’ve strategically augmented our team by integrating legal and cybersecurity experts, recognizing the imperative for comprehensive, multi-dimensional solutions. This marks the next chapter in our narrative, as we, now as Rondesse, strive to address the evolving challenges in the tech domain and fortify our commitment to excellence and security.

Rondesse: A Comprehensive Solution

Rondesse isn’t just about cybersecurity; it’s a holistic approach to digital and practical life challenges. We understand that today’s threats are not just virtual but intersect with every aspect of our lives. That’s why Rondesse offers an all-encompassing suite of services, covering cybersecurity, legal aid, investigative support, accounting expertise, and mental health care. Our goal is to provide a shield against digital risks and a helping hand in life’s varied challenges.

A Personal Touch: Our CEO’s Vision

At the heart of Rondesse is our CEO, a visionary who has transformed a humble beginning into a cutting-edge enterprise. Their journey is a testament to what Rondesse stands for: relentless innovation, unwavering commitment, and a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face. Legal and cybersecurity experts, integral to our team, ensure that Rondesse isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to excellence, personalized care, and a better, safer digital experience.

The Rondesse Promise

We’re not just another tech company; we are your partner in navigating the complexities of the digital age. We don’t just find solutions; we forge your path, ensuring every step you take is secure and supported. Our promise is not just to protect but to empower, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world.

Join us at Rondesse, where your digital safety and life challenges are our top priority. Together, let’s embrace the digital age with confidence and security. Welcome to our family, where your well-being is the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision

Establishing TW Rondesse as a household name in providing the most technologically advanced, comprehensive and practical protection to individuals, their families, and their businesses inclusively and empathically , fostering a brand experience as indispensable and relatable as medical insurance.

Our Mission

  • Empower individuals with comprehensive online security for personal and financial well-being.
  • Uphold our role as a Trusted Brand Partner, promoting reputable experts and top-quality technology.
  • Commit to 100% customer satisfaction, endorsed by legal and cybersecurity experts, distinguishing us in our industry.

Why Trust Us?

The Rondesse collective, established in 2003, and Tech Warehouse, incorporated in 2014, have experienced steady growth, surpassing 10mm in the last 2 years. With a brand emphasizing customer loyalty and satisfaction, we are proud to introduce legal and cybersecurity experts to further enhance our commitment to service and ensure the security and compliance of our operations. Rondesse remains dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Trusted Partner

We're Tier 1 partners with the best legal and cybersecurity experts, vendors, and service providers in the industry, ensuring standards that align with their established reputations.

Experienced Expertise

Our team comprises seasoned legal and cybersecurity experts, bringing extensive experience in digital forensics and online protection services. With a deep understanding of cybersecurity nuances, we remain at the forefront of emerging threats and technologies. Trust us to keep your protection current in the dynamic landscape of online security.

5-star customer service

We have a LIFETIME record of 100% positive seller feedback backed up by hundreds of customer testimonials in Amazon and Ebay. We have every intention to keep it this way!

Your Team Rondesse, at your service.

The Executive Team

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Ashit B.

Chief Strategy Officer


Chris K.

CFO & President


Mike S.

Chief Relationships Officer

Angarika J.

Chief Officer, Business Analytics

Chief Operating Officer


Vice President


Tom P.

Director, Operations & Customer Relations


Chief Legal Officer

Senior Director, Business Compliance

Dennise R.

Legal and Federal Affairs


Cassandra J.

Head of Litigation


Julia M.

Executive Assistant

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