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Starter Kit

Starter Kit

$39.99per month


$79.99per month



$̶𝟸̶𝟶̶𝟿̶.̶𝟿̶𝟿̶$189.99per month

All plans include access to Rondesse SOS and Personalized Concierge Support

Rondesse SOS

At the moment you feel that you are being scammed just a click of our SOS Button connects you to experts trained to handle any sticky situation. No more fumbling with numbers or feeling trapped. Immediate relief, when you need it most.

Instant Scam Support: Get quick help for scam issues via our hotline. Receive advice, instructions, or intercept scam calls immediately.
Accessible Everywhere: Use it on desktop or mobile. Our app, coming soon for iPhone and Android, makes it even easier to stay protected.



<s>$329.99</s>$309.99per month

Need a Custom Plan? Do you have questions?

If you would like to customize your plan, or avail of add-on services, please submit your information HERE, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have questions or concerns, we would love to discuss them with you. Book an appointment

Service and Solution Details

  • Comprehensive Identity Protection: Monitors personal information with alerts for potential identity theft threats and scans the dark web for data breaches.
  • Credit Monitoring and Reporting: Tracks credit reports from multiple bureaus, alerts to changes, and provides detailed credit score tracking.
  • Suspicious Activity Alerts: Notifies of unusual activities or inquiries on credit and personal information that could indicate fraud.
  • Social Security and Credit Alerts: Monitors use of Social Security number and credit information for signs of identity theft.
  • Lost Wallet Assistance: Helps in canceling and replacing lost credit cards and IDs promptly.
  • Identity Restoration Support: Access to U.S.-based specialists and trained professionals to help resolve identity theft issues.
  • Stolen Funds Reimbursement: up to $25,000 in compensation for financial losses due to identity theft. 
  • Legal and Expert Coverage: up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts collectively to assist in identity theft cases. 
powered by: Norton Lifelock and Identity IQ (included in all subscription plans)
  • Antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection
  • Norton has 100% Virus Protection Promise
  • Password Manager
  • VPN private internet connection
  • Darkweb monitoring
  • Parental Control
  • Norton Covers 5 devices, Identity IQ covers 10 device
powered by: Norton (bundled with Lifelock) and Bitdefender (bundled with identity IQ)
  • Covers One Phone Plus 25 Additional Items: Includes a wide range of personal belongings like electronics and gadgets.
  • Flexible Deductibles: $29 to $99 for phones, and a flat $99 deductible for other items per claim.
  • Broad Damage and Theft Coverage: Protects against accidental damage (like drops, spills, cracked screens) and theft, including forced-entry theft from vehicles.
  • Up to $2,000 Per Claim: Offers substantial claim limits, upgradeable to $6,000.
  • Mechanical/Electrical Failure Protection: Acts like a 3-year warranty for portable electronic devices and TVs.
  • Easy Swap and Claim Process: Allows swapping items in and out of the plan, with a user-friendly claim process for repairs and replacements.
powered by: Akko (Included in Standard, Premium and Executive Plans)
  • Initial Setup
  • Crashing/ Freezing/ Speed Issues
  • Application Installation/ Removal
  • Virus and Malware Removal Assistance
  • Pop-ups & Errors
  • Internet and Email Connection
  • Regular Online Threat Assessment
  • *Penetration Testing (Small Businesses)
  • *Alerts & Recommendations to prepare for incoming or future attacks
  • Focused on Cybersecurity: Protects against mobile hacks with an 11-layer authentication process.
  • Complete SIM Swap Protection: Includes a mandatory 14-day cooling-off period to prevent unauthorized porting.
  • $5 Million Insurance Coverage: Offers substantial financial protection against losses from SIM swap hacks.
  • Free International Roaming: Unlimited calls and texts in North America, with global data options.
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data: Provides extensive communication coverage across North America.
  • Unlimited plan with prioritized data usage up to 22GB/month.
powered by: Efani ( included in the  Executive Plan, available as an add-on to other plans)
  • Starter and Standard Plans include Rocket Lawyer Subscription
  • Premium and Executive Plans include Rondesse Legal Subscription
    ▸Unlimited legal guidance via e-mail on any issue
    ▸Case Evaluation and Pre-Litigation Guidance
    ▸Assisted Litigation Lawyer search & negotiations
  • Access to India and Nigeria Law firms to pursue scammers (add-on service)

see:  Legal Support Access

Included in Premium and Executive Subscription Plans:  ( 2 reports per case)

  • Background Checks: Researching an individual’s history, including employment, education, and criminal records. 
  • Phone Number and Email Tracing: Identifying the owners of unknown phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Asset Searches: Locating and identifying assets like property, vehicles, or bank accounts.
  • Document Verification: Checking the authenticity of online documents or records

Cyber Investigations:(add-on services)

  • Online Surveillance: Monitoring digital footprints and social media activity.
  • Skip Tracing: Finding missing persons or debtors using online databases and records.
  • Fraud Investigations: Researching and uncovering instances of fraud using online resources.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement: Investigating cases of copyright or trademark infringement online.
  • Legal Support Services: Assisting lawyers in gathering online evidence or information for cases.

A standard Accounting Subscription includes:

  • 10 letters or 10 phone calls per year
  • 1 Book Audit and assessment: book cleanup every 6 months, as long as you are subscribed
  • Unlimited email consultations with CPA
  • Guaranteed IRS response within 5 days if needed
  • Basic Forensic Accounting
Available for one-time payments:
  • Tax Returns (Personal/Business)
  • Emergency IRS Response

What is Forensic Accounting?

  • Fraud Investigation: Identifying and probing financial fraud cases.
  • Litigation Support: Expertise in legal financial disputes.
  • Insurance Claims: Analyzing claims for potential fraud.
  • Bankruptcy Analysis: Investigating financial records in bankruptcies.
  • Regulatory Compliance Checks: Ensuring financial regulatory adherence.
  • Economic Loss Evaluation: Assessing losses due to business interruptions.
  • Money Laundering Probes: Tracing and identifying illicit funds.
  • Post-M&A Disputes: Resolving financial issues post-mergers/acquisitions.
  • Dispute Resolution: Financial analysis for dispute settlements.
  • Divorce Financial Analysis: Handling asset valuations and support in divorce cases.

your subscription may include product, service and/or protection updates, and features that may be added, modified, or removed, subject to the acceptance of the manufacturer’s License & Services Agreement.

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