Immediate Protection
Against Scams for Seniors

American senior citizens are #1 target in global cyber crime and scammer networks.

Cost of scams targeting older adults
$ 0

FBI Elder Fraud Report 2023

101,000+ Scam Victims over 60
0 +
Average Scam Loss
$ +

How Do We Protect You

Our cybersecurity and tech support services are specifically designed to safeguard seniors from these threats

Rondesse SOS is an Instant Scam Assistance Helpline

At the very moment you feel that you are being scammed, just click the SOS button to connect to experts who can handle any sticky situation.

No more anxiety, fumbling, or feeling trapped.

Immediate relief and support when needed the most.

Recovery Experts

Our team includes lawyers, private investigators, and ethical hackers to help investigate and recover lost assets.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance is available for all our customers.

Education and Resources

Comprehensive guides on identifying various scams, such as tech support fraud and phishing, alongside safety tips for protecting personal information.

Common scams targeting seniors

Tech Support Scams

Fraudsters often pose as tech support representatives from reputable companies like Microsoft or Apple. They contact victims via phone calls, emails, or pop-up messages, claiming there is an urgent problem and convincing the victim to grant remote access or purchase unnecessary software.

Phishing and Robocalls

Phishing scams involve fraudulent emails or text messages that appear to be from trusted organizations, prompting recipients to provide personal information. Robocalls are automated phone calls delivering pre-recorded messages, often impersonating legitimate entities to extract sensitive information​.

Investment and Financial Scams

Investment scams target seniors by promising high returns with little to no risk, using complex jargon and high-pressure sales tactics to convince victims to invest money that is then stolen. Common schemes include Ponzi schemes and fake investment opportunities.

Romance Scams

Romance scams involve fraudsters creating fake profiles on dating sites or social media to establish relationships with seniors. Once trust is built, they request money for emergencies, travel, or other personal needs, often stringing along victims for extended periods and stealing substantial amounts of money​.

Charity Scams

Charity scams exploit seniors' goodwill by pretending to collect donations for non-existent causes. Fraudsters use phone calls, emails, or in-person solicitations, especially after natural disasters or during holidays​.

Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

Victims are informed they have won a large prize but must pay fees upfront to claim it. Scammers often continue requesting additional payments, depleting the victim’s savings over time.

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