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and Recover from Scams and Fraud

Scam and Fraud Prevention & Recovery

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Introducing our SOS button

At the moment you feel that you are being scammed just a click of our SOS Button connects you to experts trained to handle any sticky situation. No more fumbling with numbers or feeling trapped. Immediate relief, when you need it most.

How We Can Help You Fight Scams

We offer comprehensive protection packages from legal and tech support
to trusted cyber solutions tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Protection

More than technical safeguards, we employ expert services for private investigations, accounting scrutiny, legal aid, and mental health support to address all aspects of scams and frauds

Tech Team and Tools

We utilize a blend of advanced Tech tools with the keen insight of our cyber forensics and cybersecurity experts, alongside guided assistance from our tech support team

Trusted Solutions

We enhance our services by teaming up with reputable brands, ensuring only top-quality solutions for you

Don't wait until you're a victim.

Stay vigilant and learn how to safeguard everything you worked so hard for.

Lost to Scams in the US
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People impacted by scams or ID Theft globally
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US Fraud Reports Including ID Theft
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Other Services

We protect you, your family, and your business online and offline against scammers, but our services extend far beyond just scam defense and recovery. Our skilled team is equipped to handle a wide range of challenges, providing prompt and efficient support when you need it most.

Expert Legal Support

Enjoy robust monitoring, instant alerts, and swift remediation with the trusted technologies of Identity IQ or Norton LifeLock , fortifying your identity against theft and fraud.

Rondesse For Business

Embrace a safer digital realm with either Norton or BitDefender's advanced threat protection. Relish peace of mind with Efani's SIM defense, guaranteed against SIM swaps and insured up to $5 million

Tax and Accounting

Empower your tech life with AKKO's robust protection, embracing accidental mishaps and theft for your phone and 25 more gadgets. With Tech Warehouse's 5-star support, expert help is always within reach.

Personal and Business Protection Services You Can Afford

Why Rondesse?

Comprehensive Solutions

Your one-stop solution for online security, scam prevention and resolution, professional guidance, and emotional well-being.

Revolutionary Legal Services

Tailored for you, at groundbreaking rates, strengthened by our global ties

Personalized Support

Enjoy queue-free access and all-out assistance, dedicated to your needs!

High Quality Services

Only the best partners, ensuring you receive unparalleled service.

Cost Savings

Premium services bundled smartly. We've covered the high costs, so you don't have to.

One-Stop-Shop Convenience

Skip the hunt. Everything you need, under one umbrella.

Happy Outcomes for Rondesse Clients

It is a wonder I have any trust at all after being so conned. I thank you all with all my heart. It redeems my faith to have people like you in my/our lives.
Samm Tyler
Thank you Rondesse for all your efforts thus far. You all have been angels for us. Thank you all so much for fighting for us. You all definitely are our Glow Family.
Working with this company was great. First service great contact and they even reach out to you to see if you need any assistance in any manner good value, great service you need to check these guys out. They are great.
Stanley Gorecki

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