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Identity Theft Protection

Every online click can open doors to identity thieves, leading to stolen credit card details, phishing scams, data breaches, and even identity impersonation. Ensure comprehensive security with effective identity theft protection to mitigate the aftermath – financial loss, ruined credit, and hours spent on recovery.​

Coverage for Lawyers & Experts

Up to $1 million coverage for legal support and expert assistance.

Stolen Funds Reimbursement

Get up to $25,000 for stolen funds reimbursement.

Personal Expense Compensation

Receive up to $25,000 for personal expense compensation.

Identity Alerts

We monitor your Social Security Number (SSN), Address, and Date of Birth (DOB) for any suspicious activity.

Monthly 1-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your credit report.

US-based Identity Restoration

Trust our experts for identity restoration services.

Stolen Wallet Protection

We've got your back if your wallet goes missing.

Privacy Monitor

Our tool scans popular data brokers to protect your privacy.

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